Sunday, April 8, 2012

oh hye ohye 14 ;D

It's been so long,That I haven't seen your face,I'm tryna be strong,But the strength I have is washing away,I can't lie,I miss you much,Close my eyes i'll see all the moment we had been survive together,Celebrate my birthday with you all were the great things i had,That surprise were not expected,How could i forget you , my friends.You know what, i'm really thanks God for giving me new good n crazy friends,How bout you? After pmr can we have a nice date ?HAHA of course some of us act likes DUNGU,.;) HAHA don't worry,i nver change k? who can change me?except God and myself ;)SO YOU WON'T GET ANY PROBLEMS TOSMACK DOWN WITH ME LIKES ZAMAN DULU KALEoh God i'm writting karangn bm n bi at here butforget to finish my karangan bm that should pass upTOMORROW ,.XD

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